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Zane Maddux

Zane started his career with McCorvey Sheet Metal in 1982. He worked in the Mac Shack under Raymond McCorvey's tutelage for two years until he found his niche in the field. Zane completed the sheet metal apprenticeship program and was a top-rated journeyman for numerous years before he had the opportunity to become a Foreman. During his tenure as a Foreman, Zane ran some of McCorvey’s biggest projects by pounds and revenue including Womack Army Medical Hospital in Ft. Bragg, NC, multiple Baylor College of Medicine buildings, MD Anderson Ambulatory Clinical Building, and the Reliant Center.

When McCorvey diversified their customers and began working across the country, the need for a Superintendent over the entire country emerged. It was a tough decision to pull one of McCorvey’s finest Foreman from making large profits, but Zane has held the title of Executive Field Superintendent since the position was created.

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