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McCorvey Sheet Metal Works, L.P. is a detailer, fabricator, and installer of HVAC sheet metal ductwork.

In today’s world, none of this can happen until we design the ductwork in our fabrication software first. After we detail and coordinate with other trades virtually, our designs are downloaded and burned out.

CAD, or Computer Assisted Design, utilizes both 2D drawings and 3D models. McCorvey works in AutoCAD, AutoCAD MEP, Revit, and Navisworks.

BIM, or Building Information Modeling, includes performance attributes, specifications, and important data embedded in a shared 3D digital model; clash detection and coordination across trades can be resolved in coordination meetings prior to construction in a single model. 

Another difference with McCorvey, is we control our destiny and manufacture every accessory possible. We make our own Unistruct, spiral pipe, oval pipe, DD flanges (spiral pipe flanges connectors), standing s-locks, flat s-locks, TDC corners, TDC clips, angle rings, collars, spin-ins, conical taps, turning vanes, volume dampers, flexible canvas connections, slips, and drives.


VDC, or Virtual Design and Construction, emphasizes collaboration and integrated working. It has become a standard for approaching complex projects, incorporating 3D CAD or BIM software as required; our BIM Modelers and Detailers come up with the best strategies for projects incorporating the right people and technology. We draw our ductwork to the highest detail imaginable; we train our employees to think and design to the Nth degree.


McCorvey continues to invest heavily in our pre-fabrication efforts. The manufacturing facility pre-fabricates every custom piece of ductwork while considering delivery and jobsite logistics. Every piece of ductwork is cut to length with taps installed. Everything that can be done in the manufacturing facility is installed to eliminate field liabilities.


We utilize Trimble software whenever possible to install our hangers; the goal is to unload the ductwork and install our product immediately. We train our Foreman and Journeyman to “punch as they go” with quality control practices.

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