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McCorvey Sheet Metal Works employs approximately 400 employees, and we value each and every employee greatly. McCorvey Sheet Metal has had the pleasure of employing certain individuals for over 40 years.


At McCorvey Sheet Metal there are numerous people who have worked here for twenty years or who might have started yesterday.  We value all hard working people and treat them like family. We are looking for individuals who are positive and look forward to building a top quality product.  Whether it is sheet metal workers, AutoCAD detailers, estimators, or sales we strive for excellence.


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Quality sells our product, and the employees of McCorvey Sheet Metal Works are the major reason for that quality.  If you are interested in working for a great company, where there is regularly 40 hours worth of wages weekly, equal employment opportunities, expectations and rewards for a job well done, no barriers for promotion, and a shared value for team work, then McCorvey Sheet Metal Works is the place for you.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of our Apprentice Program.  You will learn the many facets and complexities of sheet metal work and you get to enjoy the reward of knowledge and more money.  Each semester you get through our Apprentice Program your wages will increase.  Once graduated you will almost double your wages an hour!


Employees are encouraged to enjoy the benefits of our work out facilities and shower. 

Please call our offices at (713)672-7545.  Or toll free: 1-800-580-7545.  We look forward to hearing from you.
If you would like to e-mail us your resume, please send it to [email protected]



The following are some of the required fields that must be met for employment, which can be read in full at the office of McCorvey Sheet Metal Works, L.P.

Compliance and Signed Agreement to:

  • The Company Policy For Hourly Employees
  • The Sexual Harassment Policy
  • MSMW Rules and Regulations: Safety and Hazard Program
  • The Controlled Substance and Alcohol Abuse Policy
  • MSMW Hearing Conservation Program
  • The Fire Protection Plan
  • The Respiratory Protection Program

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