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Tyler Cockrell

Tyler started his career with the McCorvey Sheet Metal team in 2017. He started as a helper in the shipping and receiving department immediately after graduating with his college degree in industrial design. He was given the opportunity to learn the process of assembling ductwork. After six months of working through various roles in the shop, he went to the field where he was involved in several different types of projects such as military bases, schools, office buildings, and hospitals. He spent a total of four years in the field, working his way up to becoming a foreman while completing the apprenticeship program. He was given the opportunity to transition into a Project Manager / Operations role for the Special Projects department. He excelled in this position and swiftly moved into his current role as Special Projects Operations Manager. In this role, Tyler reviews submittals, reviews budgets, ensuring the correct information is presented to the field team. His experience in the shop and the field has prepared him to be successful in the office and as a leader. He strives to get the correct information to the field as quickly as possible to continue to help McCorvey Companies thrive.

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