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Tristen Hyde

Tristen Hyde, the youngest member of the fourth generation in the McCorvey family, spent several summers at a young age working part-time for McCorvey Sheet Metal.  After her college graduation with a Bachelor of Music in Music Theatre from Oklahoma City University, Tristen began her full-time career for the McCorvey Companies in April 2019.  Tristen’s first full-time assignment was at Way Mechanical in our Dallas office as the receptionist.  She worked through Accounts Payable starting as a support member in Houston, then as Accounts Payable Manager for both Way Mechanical and Kirlin Way Mechanical. Now she serves as our Human Resources Manager for all McCorvey Companies. Tristen currently leads the human resources, payroll, recruiting, training, travel, and marketing teams. She is passionate about growth and exudes love and support in all situations. Tristen met her husband, Kyle Hyde, while working at McCorvey Companies and they welcomed a baby girl in October 2021.

“If I have provided any value it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”

– Sir Isaac Newton.

A special thanks to Tony McCorvey Sr., Kristal McCorvey Crites, Tony McCorvey Jr., Charlie McCorvey, and Matthew Thornton for giving me the opportunity to serve this amazing community; and to my mother, Kathy Patton, for always being there.


So looking forward to the future! The possibilities are endless!

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