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Charlie Weisser

Charlie joined the McCorvey team in 2009 where he started as a Helper in the Houston Manufacturing Facility. He quickly became noticed for his hard work and consistency and was given an opportunity to drive trucks for the company. After about a year of driving, he went to the field and was a part of every aspect of the installation process while he was completing his AutoCAD training. Charlie was given an opportunity to transition to the office as a Detailer after 2 years in the field. His field and shop training put him in a great position to be successful in the office. He also went into the office on his own time for over a year to observe seasoned veterans and gain more office knowledge. He detailed and managed many projects in a 5-year span and was later promoted to BIM Department Manager. Since then, Charlie has expanded to managing both the Houston and Orlando BIM departments and is now the Corporate General Manager for his specific region. He deals with almost all aspects of the operations side of the business.

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