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Charlie McCorvey

Charlie McCorvey, like his grandfather, father, and siblings, worked in the manufacturing facility during his early childhood summers. He spent his first summer in the vane department learning to straighten vane rail tabs, wipe down and spray paint welds, screw-in vanes in the square elbows, and cut conduits to the correct length to be used as tie rod reinforcement. Charlie spent his summers moving through every department in the manufacturing facility including the liner department, fabrication department, spiral department, fleet mechanic shop, a brief stint in the brake department (where he operated machinery without permission), and line out crew; his favorite department was the stacking department where he spent several high school summers and long holidays.


In 2001, Charlie graduated from high school and was able to work in the field. He worked at the Ambulatory Clinical Building, Cy-Fair High School, MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center, and the University of Houston Library. He attended Texas Christian University, but hurt his back at the UH Library project during his junior year summer. He was forced to have surgery and couldn’t return to TCU. While he healed, he assisted the Shop Superintendent, Billy Ware. Once Charlie’s back fully healed, he worked full-time as the Shipping and Receiving Manager while he finished earning his degree at the University of Houston. He remained the Shipping and Receiving Manager until he graduated college. In December 2006, Charlie played a vital role in setting up the new manufacturing facility in Houston. The transition from Galena Park to Houston was close to flawless and did not disrupt any ongoing projects. He thoroughly loved learning about lean manufacturing while he spent months with the brainpower of the company laying out the manufacturing facility prior to the move to the current location.


In 2007, Charlie transitioned to the office and learned how to detail AutoCAD and Project Manage. He was very fortunate to train under Tim McCorvey and learn vital lessons about how important detailing to the highest degree saves the shop and field guys time. For five years, Charlie was a part of some amazing high-profile hospitals, schools, and office buildings. In 2010, Mike Ball landed so many jobs at once they were forced to give Charlie his own project. Lufkin Hospital was his first project and was awarded over $3,000,000. With Tim McCorvey and Thomas Franklin’s help, the project was very successful. Charlie was also handed a six-story core and shell office building in the Energy Corridor before the company grew and Charlie had to change departments.


In 2012, Charlie learned how to estimate change proposals for the entire company. In 2017, Charlie and Mike Ball were named Executive Vice Presidents of McCorvey Sheet Metal. Today, Charlie leaves all the numbers and estimates to his much smarter Co-Captain Mike Ball. He has transitioned to oversee all the operations of McCorvey Sheet Metal.

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