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timelinepopMcCorvey Sheet Metal Works was established in Macon, Georgia by Willis (Pop) McCorvey in 1925 and later that year moved to Florida.  In July of 1929, Willis moved the company to Dallas, TX.  Like all companies during “The Great Depression” it was a struggle to stay in business. Willis moved the company to San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Victoria, TX in search of work. Willis had a gold pocket watch he would sell to the local pawn shop to get enough money to buy our history 1metal for the company; when he earned enough money from sales he would always return to the pawn shop to buy back his gold watch.  This process continued until the economy picked up.  Willis later saw greater opportunity in Houston, TX.


In 1946, Willis and his son Raymond McCorvey re-established the papabusiness, locating it in Galena Park, Texas.  Seeing the potential in the growing air conditioning industry, Raymond began to specialize in duct ventilation.  With his evolving knowledge of the industry, Raymond McCorvey, along with his brothers Elwood and Allen, began building custom sheet metal machines and developed the 20 station coil line in 1959.  Recently rebuilt with newer and heavier gauge capacity, McCorvey Sheet Metal made their newest custom 20 station coil line in accordance with Raymond’s original design.

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Originally a modest 20'x30' building, the plant grew to multiple neighboring warehouses making it more than 200,000 square feet and one of the largest sheet metal plants in the world fabricating air conditioning ductwork.

Tony Sr


Raymond’s son Tony McCorvey Sr. became the President of McCorvey Sheet Metal Works, L.P. in 1996. With a continued plan for growth and achievement, Tony acquired 13 acres and a single structure facility in the Houston city limits. After months of group planning and laying out HVAC machinery, Tony carefully mapped out the flow of equipment and workstations and added state of the art machinery, including five overhead cranes, multiple overhead platforms, high rack storage, and a custom conveyor belt system.

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In late 2006 McCorvey Sheet Metal Works, L.P. relocated to its new 162,000 square foot single building at 8610 Wallisville in Houston, TX shown to the right. Within 6 years, the building has been renovated to over 38,700 square foot of office space and 222,400 square foot of manufacturing space.

In 2010, McCorvey Sheet Metal decided to buy an additional 70,000 square foot maufacturing facility in Orlando, Florida. With the help of Larry Herman, the Florida Division is now manufacturing the same quality product 960 miles away from where it all began. We like to joke if the 70,000 manufacturing facility in Orlando gets overloaded, we have a 222,400 backup shop in Houston, Texas to help with the load.

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Today, the fourth generation of the McCorvey family are actively involved with the company.  Tony McCorvey Jr., Kristal McCorvey Crites, Charlie McCorvey, and Matt Thornton have followed in their father's footsteps and hope to earn the same respect and success that their father, grandfather, and great grandfather were able to achieve.

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